How to Choose the Best Theme for an Animal NGO Website? 

Choosing or selecting something can be quite hectic if you do not know how you want it. If you have conducted proper research on the field then choosing anything becomes easier. Similarly, choosing the best theme for an animal NGO website might sound easy but, can be difficult for many.

How to Choose the best NGO Theme?

One must know the targeted audience and the moral of conducting the website, which will make the whole process easier. Now, further in this article, we will talk about how one can choose the best theme for an animal NGO website. 

Now, here is how one can choose the best theme for an animal NGO website:-

Search simple theme

Do not use any multicolor theme for your website, it only makes the look worse. Use a simple theme on the background which will make the website look clear, user-friendly, and structured. Themes with flat and minimal designs are quite popular. 

Developer support availability

Whenever you select a theme always ensure that updates are offered so that your theme does not break. Maximum theme marketplaces will have information on the developer. Pay attention to all the information including the customer reviews and ratings.

Make sure plugins, apps, and extensions are available

Having plugins, apps, and extensions helps enhance your website theme. 

Functional Requirements for an NGO Website 

Starting an NGO website is not like any other website. It must be informational so that people visiting the website can get proper details of what the NGO is doing, what it has achieved so far, and what it is going to achieve. A proper website can not only help provide information to viewers but, it can gain trust and loyalty as well. 

Now, here are a few pages that one could include on their NGO website for better marketing strategy and attraction:-

  • Donation form- NGO is all about donations from its workers and the society. The primary income source of any NGO is its donation. Moreover, ensure you have a proper donation form with all the necessary information given on it. 
  • Event registration page- A website not only works digitally, you need to bring people together by conducting physical activities as well. Organizing special events or celebrations will help gather more members. Make sure all the upcoming events and celebration dates and venues are mentioned on your NGO website. 
  • Member registration forms- A proper and active NGO will automatically attract customers who would like to become a member. Make sure your NGO website has a proper member registration form in a different section along with all the necessary details. 
  • Future projects- Most NGO websites provide future projects that they are going to achieve with the help of donations and members. To make your website attractive including a separate page for future projects would surely not be a bad idea.

Top 5 Best Theme For A Animal NGO Website 

1. Equadio 

Equadio is one of the highly rated non-profit theme for a animal website that you would want to consider for your website. It is a powerful, responsive and trendy multi-concept petition and wildlife protection WordPress theme. The platform allows splendid features on it like offering solution for crowdfunding, petition websites, ecology activism, social campaign, and many more.

The theme is loaded with features which an NGO would definitely want to consider as it will only make work easier. The theme also works on environmental campaigns, social group agenda or donation NGo website, charity website and as well as any non-profit organisation websites. The theme also covers most of the important topics like human rights, LGBTQ, social justice and many more. 

2. Elegant Themes 

Elegant themes is a website that offers amazing animal related themes. You will have different options to change texts, customise templates and many more things in it. In this you can allow the users to donate and even adopt an animal button which seems to be quite an excellent feature.

The website gives the users a pleasant experience and quite a decent user-interface which a nonprofit organisation would consider the best. The animal themes are the best to look at if you are looking for a good theme. 

3. Malone (Elegant Themes)

Malone is yet another one of the best animal themed websites that you will find on elegant themes. There are animals portrayed in the website where people interested to adopt can easily choose the animal that they wish to adopt.

It makes things very easy for NGO organisers and also the user-interface of the website seems to be quite user-friendly as well. In the website you can showcase various projects and if you are into animal welfare you can showcase those as well. Malone seems to be a small landing page but for a nonprofit organisation it can just do the job that needs to be done. 

4. Anima 

Anima is a free highly customisable WordPress theme created for personal and business sites alike. Some of the features that it offers are animal shelter, pet rescue theme charity, crowdfunding and donation system plugin, causes and event system plugin, and nonprofit theme.

It is one of the most beneficial when it comes to user-friendly themes as the interface seems to be simple and easy to understand. If you are looking for the best animal NGO theme then you can choose Anima as your theme. 

5. Pet Rescue

Pet rescue WordPress theme is created as a wonderful solution for any animals or nature movement websites, animal shelters, fundraisers, wild life saving, and many more activities.

The theme allows its users to have access to special events functionality and donation payment option. The theme also comes with various features like The Events Calendar, PayPal donations functionality and many more.

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