FlexiFunnels Review 2023, Real User Honest Opinion!

FlexiFunnels Review 2023: In the market, there are countless funnel and landing page builders. Another drag-and-drop software for creating landing pages and funnels is FlexiFunnels. We will give an unbiased assessment of Flexi Funnels, a brand-new funnel builder, in this tutorial.

What is FlexiFunnels?

What is FlexiFunnels And FlexiFunnels Review
Flexi Funnels Review 2023. (Credit SB Youtube)

FlexiFunnels. For those who wish to create funnels without any prior coding experience, FlexiFunnels is ideal.

You can create funnels with Flexi Funnels instead of switching between several tools, saving you time. Everything you need to manage your internet business smoothly will be in one location.

Concentrating on the things that matter to you most can be made easier by having everything in one location, especially if you lack the funds and resources to assemble a sizable staff. These funnel builders are useful in that situation.

With funnel builders, you can essentially run your entire online business. The most additional tools you’ll need are probably two or three, but these funnel builders will give you all you need to get going.

FlexiFunnels Product Overview

Creator Sourabh Bhatnagar
ProductFlexi Funnels
Launch Date15 Aug 2022
Launch Time10.00 AM EDT
Official WebsiteClick here
Front-END Price 29500 ($397)
Bonus Yes. Tons of Bonus Available
Money Back Grantee30 Days Money Back Granted
RecommendedHighly Recommended

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Differences between FlexiFunnels and ClickFunnels?

Both programmes create funnels. The key distinction is that ClickFunnels is a well-known piece of software already. Over 100k of ClickFunnels’ clients make payments, and the company is worth 100 million dollars.

However, FlexiFunnels is a brand-new product on the market. However, ClickFunnels does have a drawback—beginners cannot afford it.

Being a new product on the market, FlexiFunnel can offer you some early bird discounts. According to the FlexiFunnels roadmap, several of the features have already gone live while others are still in the development stage.

Because FlexiFunnels features payment connectivity for RazorPay & Instamojo, which ClickFunnels does not, we believe it will revolutionise the Indian market.

FlexiFunnels is a fantastic funnel builder if you’re doing business in India.

If you look at SaaS goliaths like ClickFunnels and others, you’ll notice that none of them have native integrations with RazorPay or Instamojo. They are all international SaaS companies.

Like ClickFunnels, Flexi Funnels allows you to implement “One-click” upsells.

Advantages of Flexi Funnels

Incredibly high page speed

Your conversion rate and user experience are impacted by page speed. More conversions are possible the faster your page loads.

Drag & Drop Landing page builder

With FlexiFunnels’ landing page builder, you can construct any type of page, including:

  1. A page for collecting leads, registering for webinars, or hosting replays
  1. Sales pages and local company pages
  1. Product pages, or ANY sort of page you can imagine, are easily created using drag and drop.
  1. The FlexiFunnels page builder offers a wide range of customising options. The excellent detailing of each piece offers you possibilities to design any type of page.

Pages are optimised for SEO

You may make pages that are search engine friendly using FlexiFunnels. All the pages can be made search engine traffic friendly.

Lazy Load Features

Do you have too many images and elements on your page? The option for lazy loading can be activated. As the reader scrolls down the page, this will load the elements. The page loads more quickly as a result.

Integration of direct payments with Instamojo and RazorPay

There was no funnel builder available yet that linked with payment gateways in India. We currently have FlexiFunnels.

You can build several sales channels, such as webinar funnels and one-click upsells, and you can collect money and provide customers access to the course or product you’re selling on the same page.

Custom domain features

With FlexiFunnels, you can utilise a custom domain of your own. It will appear to be your website to your customers. Your domain may be readily mapped out.

Create your own memberships and courses.

This feature is useful if you are a course creator. Your courses can be hosted directly inside FlexiFunnels.

The premium courses offered by Flexi Funnels are also completely safe. Therefore, downloading the videos is not possible.

Additionally, there are additional security safeguards that make sure course piracy is impossible.

If you even have a passing understanding of the significance of course piracy, it is a significant deal. As a course creator, it will both save and make you a lot of money.

Additionally, you can activate the drip feed feature. Users can then take action by finishing one lesson at a time.

The amount of information you have provided them won’t be too much for them to handle.

Powerful Analytics Tool

FlexiFunnels features a thorough reporting system that shows just how much money the platform has brought in. For all of your sales reporting, use one panel. so that you can examine the information and come to a wise decision.

Some features, however, are still under construction. I hope they will soon make it LIVE.

Live chat assistance

Had any trouble setting up your funnel? Live chat support is offered by Flexi Funnels. Your questions can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

Pop Ups

Increase lead generation using behavior-based popups. You may enhance your lead conversion rate by 20% only by deploying pop-up windows. For instance, a popup will show up when a visitor tries to exit your website.

Gather their contact information in exchange for a free report, ebook, checklist, or other helpful resource that will appeal to your audience. Later, you can email them to nurture them and make your offer.

Countdown clock for the day.

Every day, this timer will build up to a specified time. Your countdown timer will therefore restart each day. Only in Flexi Funnels am I seeing this new thing.

Thank you page and the standard checkout page

The “Default page & thank you page” feature was recently made live by Flexi Funnels.

300+ done-for-you templates

You may find templates in Flexi Funnels for nearly anything. Lead generating, webinar registration, sales pages, etc. are a few examples.

Guidance from Saurabh Bhatnagar

You receive Saurabh Bhatnagar’s entire training library for free when you purchase Flexi Funnels, in addition to group coaching from him.

so that you can discover how to create really profitable funnels. You see, possessing the appropriate tool is one thing, but using the tool is quite another.

The good news is that if you sign up for Flexi Funnels, you’ll receive both.

Sales Funnel Creator

If you’ve been involved in or around the world of internet marketing, you must be aware that “Funnels” aid in your ability to make the most money possible online.

You may design funnel logics with Flexi Funnels. Lead creation, sales funnels, upsells, downsells, and any other type of reasoning you desire are a few examples. Your profit margins suddenly soar when you create a funnel.

Disadvantages of Flexi Funnels

The newest is FlexiFunnels.

As we previously stated, there are numerous well-known funnel builder programmes, like ClickFunnels, Unbounce, Instapage, etc. Additionally, a new tool lacks a lot of functionality that will be added later.


Imagine utilising a brand-new funnel builder to launch your entire online company, only for that builder to fail to gain traction with customers.

Your company could be in danger. This is also another drawback of using modern funnel builders.

These items will undoubtedly cease to be a concern in time. You must initially take into account every component of the software, at the very least.

Slow backend

I tested Flexi Funnels, and I can confirm that its backend is sluggish. Compared to other page builders like SwipePages and Unbounce, everything loads a little slowly.

The good news is that every published page loads quickly. But I’m not sure why the backend is so sluggish. I’m hoping they’ll make it better in the future.

Not hosting videos

You cannot host videos on the server of Flexi Funnels. You may create membership areas and courses with Flexi Funnels.

However, you must put your course materials on other video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Wisita, AWS, etc.

Important features of FlexiFunnels

Pleasant user interface

You can quickly create a sales funnel that converts well using Flexi Funnels. The uncluttered FlexiFunnels user interface makes it easy to quickly construct pages.

FlexiFunnels integration

Regardless of whether your company is headquartered in the USA, India, or another nation.

Famous payment processors including Stripe, PayPal, RazorPay, and Instamojo (India) are integrated with Flexi Funnels (India).

Major webinar platforms and autoresponders like GoToWebinar, Zoom, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. are integrated with Flexi Funnels.

Feature for membership drip feed

You don’t want users to complete your course all at once, do you? For you, a drip-feed feature would be helpful. so that each day, your users can finish one lesson.

Pages with and without an index

It is now possible to prevent your sales pages from being indexed in Google search results. It is simple to configure which page should be indexed.

FlexiFunnels comes with a tonne of functions. I’ve chosen the best qualities. I’m hoping This Software adds more functionality in the upcoming months. If they do, I’ll let everyone know here!

Payment Integrations

FlexiFunnels currently supports four payment integrations:

  1. Instamojo- Indian users can use Instamojo.
  2. RazorPay – RazorPay is also available to users in India.
  3. Stripe- Yes, this may now be integrated with the Stripe payment gateway.
  4. PayPal – PayPal caters to the global market.

FlexiFunnels Special Bonuses

Is FlexiFunnels worth buying?

Here is my advice: You should give Flexi Funnels Builder a chance and see if it meets your business demands or not.

Numerous beneficial qualities can be found in Flexi Funnels. In addition, Flexi Funnels’ founder is a well-known marketer in India.

We may anticipate that the software will perform the task more effectively than any alternative tool.

FlexiFunnels Demo Training Video

Training lasts for 34 minutes. That clarifies Flexi Funnels in its entirety. You’ll fully understand how to use Flexi Funnels after completing this training.

Who can use Flexi Funnels?

I would suggest that Flexi Funnels is ideal for ANYONE who wants to increase their internet revenue.

Anyone who wants to scale their business online, including local businesses, coaches and consultants, network marketers, affiliates, digital product producers, authors, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers.

Flexi Funnels are required. As you may already be aware, funnels play a significant role in 10Xing the revenue of any online business.

Making money-making funnels is quite simple with Flexi Funnels. This is a need for anyone conducting any kind of internet business.

Additionally, you have already seen how much money “FlexiFunnels” saves you by allowing you to use just one software instead of ten distinct ones.


Q. What is FlexiFunnels?

Ans. India’s first funnel builder software is called FlexiFunnels. This Builder may be used to manage a complete online business.

Q. Who founded and owns FlexiFunnels?

Ans. The company Flexi Funnels was founded by Mr. Saurabh Bhatnaghar. In India, he is a well-known marketer. He has earned more than $3 million (INR 20 crore) online. Saurabh had launched numerous software products successfully, including MarketPresso, Timeline Domination, AdsCrisp, and many others.

Q. Should you buy the FlexiFunnels software and go with it?

In your position, I would unquestionably give it a shot. To try out FlexiFunnels, I would sign up for the free trial. I’ll use it if I enjoy the software.

Q. Does FlexiFunnels have an Affiliate Program?

Ans. Yes, This software does have an affiliate program. You Can check our FlexiFunnels Affiliate Program Blog from here.

Q. What are FlexiFunnels’ Pricing?

Ans. FlexiFunnels is India’s first funnel builder. The cost is therefore reasonable. Depending on the plan, it might range from 2,500 to 15,000 each month.

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